AMMA-B, Bangladesh


Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer’s Association – Bangladesh (AMMA-B) was established in 2005 to serve agricultural machinery manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Uphold the standard and image of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer’s Association -Bangladesh (AMMA-B)
  2. Co-ordinate with the Ministry of Agriculture entities and other organizations for research and development, testing, technical evaluation and promotion of agricultural machinery and Equipment
  3. Meet farmer’s need based on marketing possibilities of agricultural machinery and equipment locally and abroad
  4. Initiate and/or support the formulation and implementation of sustainable agricultural mechanization strategies and policies in Bangladesh in line with the national context

AMMA-B reserves the legitimate rights and interests of the members, and values the members’ opinions, wishes and requirements. It serves to:

  1. Organize and arrange exhibitions, demonstrations, road shows for newly developed machineries and technologies to show the benefits and ease of use
  2. Facilitate the implementation of pertinent agricultural mechanization strategies and policies, and participate in the Government agriculture subsidy projects
  3. Enable farmers to achieve their ultimate goals in production and income growth through sustainable agricultural mechanization

Alimul Ahsan Chowdhury
Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer’s Association–Bangladesh (AMMA-B)
1/C Rainbow Valley
1292/93 Fashertek,
West Vatara-1212
Dhaka, Bangladesh