CAMA, China


As a nationwide industry organization, the China Agricultural Mechanization Association (CAMA) specializes in all fields of the agricultural mechanization industry. CAMA’s predecessor is the China Association for Agricultural Machinery Identification and Testing, it established in 1993. In January 2009, it was officially renamed “China Agricultural Mechanization Association”. The association receives business guidance and supervision from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is directly under the Department of Agricultural Mechanization of the Ministry of Agriculture, and is affiliated to the Agricultural Machinery Testing and Identification Station of the Ministry of Agriculture.

From the very beginning, CAMA’s service scope has expanded from identification and testing to agricultural mechanization. It is formed voluntarily by enterprises, institutions, social groups and individuals dedicated to the education and training, research and development, identification test, quality certification, technology promotion, safety supervision, maintenance guide, and services of agricultural mechanization.

The association is mainly committed to assisting government departments in carrying out industry service work, and conducting authorized assessment of product quality, maintenance quality, operation quality, and service quality of agricultural machinery. It organizes research inside and outside the industry, and publicizes government departments’ relevant policies and new technological achievements. It organizes technical training and professional skills training in the industry. With authorization or depending on market and industry needs, the CAMA holds technology exhibitions and displays, and organizes live demo of agricultural machinery. Moreover, it takes part in the setting and revision of industry standards, and carries out international technical exchanges and cooperation.

So far, the association has built branches dedicated to agricultural machinery technology research, agricultural machinery authentication and testing, professional agricultural machinery services, and agricultural aviation, meeting the needs of members in different fields.

The CAMA safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of the industry and the members, and conveys the members’ opinions, wishes and requirements. By providing two-way services for the government and CAMA members, the association has become a bridge between the government and the agricultural mechanization industry and agricultural machinery users. It assists government departments in carrying out industry service work, contributing to the rapid and stable development of agricultural mechanization, and contributing to the development of socialist new countryside and modern agriculture.