CAMDA, China

China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association (CAMDA) 


Establishment of the China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association (CAMDA), subject to approval from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, took place on May 13, 1991. Directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the association receives supervision and administration from the China Federation of Logistics& Purchasing, and receives business guidance from the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Development and Reform Commissions.

The CAMDA is a nationwide industry organization with agricultural machinery distribution enterprises as the backbone, and with agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises as the foundation, involving universities and colleges dedicated to research and education in agricultural machinery distribution/manufacturing/marketing, relevant social groups, and regional agricultural machinery distribution associations. The member units are free from the restriction of relationship of administrative subordination and ownership system. It is a non-profit social organization with the status of a legal person. Its functions include formulating plans on the agricultural machinery distribution industry, setting industry standards, building modern agricultural machinery distribution system, studying modern agricultural machinery distribution methods, carrying out all-industry quality service activities, and organizing national agricultural machinery exhibitions. It also carries out new product and technology promotions, agricultural machinery market planning, information consulting and data statistics, releases agricultural machinery market climax index, builds industry credit system, and conducts distribution talent training, and international exchanges and cooperation. As an influential and widely recognized institution in China’s agricultural machinery industry, it now has more than 1,100 direct member units, over 2,600 indirect member units and 20,000-plus sales outlets. The China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition sponsored by CAMDA is the largest agricultural machinery exhibition in Asia, and a well-known event in the world.

The CAMDA’s tenet: Observe the Constitution, laws, regulations of the People’s Republic of China, and relevant  national policies, represent and maintain the industry’s common interests and CAMDA members’ legitimate rights and interests, and convey the wishes and requirements of the industry and CAMDA members to competent government departments; assist the government in industry administration, organize its members to carry out various kinds of activities, and act as a bridge between the government and enterprises; provide all-around services for its members, enterprises and the industry, contributing to industry upgrading, agricultural mechanization and agricultural modernization.


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