Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer’s Association, Bangladesh



Association of Indonesian Agriculture Machinery, Indonesia


Association of Mongolian Crop Farmers, Mongolia 


China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association, China

Agriculture machinery company/product list




China Agricultural Mechanization Association, China


China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, China

India Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, India

Malaysia Agriculture Machinery & Equipment Association, Malaysia



Malaysia National Farmers Organization, Malaysia


Malaysian Farmers Organization Authority (LPP), Malaysia


Nepal Agricultural Machinery Enterpreneur’s Association, Nepal


Pakistan Agricultural Machinery and Implements Manufacturers Association, Pakistan


Philippine Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association, Philippines


Russian Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, Russian Federation


Sri Lanka Agriculture Machinery Manufacturers and Suppliers Association, Sri Lanka

Thai Machinery Association, Thailand


Thai Society of Agricultural Engineering, Thailand


Turkish Association of Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers, Turkey


Vietnam Society of Agricultural Engineering, Vietnam




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